A DIY Home Security Camera Gives You Peace of Mind

med235045Many single people who live alone have felt a bit uncomfortable and scared at times while contemplating the possibility of a home break-in. With crime rates so high in many cities across the US, it can be frightening to think of all of the things that could interrupt one’s life and destroy one’s fragile peace of mind. A common preventative measure against crime is a home security camera. Many may think of a home security camera as more of a measure to help identify and bring to justice those who have broken into a home or store to commit a crime. It is definitely useful in this situation—many a cat burglar has been caught on camera and located by the police using his image—but a security camera can, in fact, help to deter and prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

Deter Criminals, Feel Safer

Petty criminals—thieves, burglars, larcenists, etc.—are a skittish bunch. They like to steal what’s easy to steal and live their lives in luxury stolen from the coffers of their unfortunate victims. They are like parasites and are notoriously an unsavory group of people, but they would rather prey on the weak and on the unwitting than on anyone who might get them caught and punished for their crimes. Courts are severe on housebreakers, so petty criminals tend to do everything in their power to avoid getting caught, and this inevitably means avoiding any situations with alarms and cameras.

590268_41992492How is a petty burglar going to feel as he walks down the street perusing your neighborhood houses for an easy target when he sees that your house has security cameras mounted to the eaves of the house? He is going to turn his face away and walk away quickly, hoping that his face wasn’t recorded and making a mental note not to break into your house or the houses next to yours in order to be safe.

Obviously, there are more determined criminals who will be undeterred by the cameras mounted to your house. They will study your property for a hole in the defense—a way to slip past without being seen or identified. This brings us to another benefit of having a security camera system. It is a simple thing to review the day’s video, sped up so as to not take too long, and to check for any suspicious activity on or around your property. Perhaps someone was wandering around your yard, looking at the house as they went.

All of this may sound daunting to a lot of do-it-yourselfers. You may say, “I don’t have time to look through a security feed of my entire day! I wouldn’t even know what to look for anyway!” Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace 121198339You may think, “How would I know where to position my security cameras so that I could avoid leaving a hole where a criminal could slip through and get into my house unseen?” For just these reasons, professional surveillance services exist. A comprehensive home security company can come and install surveillance systems around the perimeter of your home in such a way that there are no holes through which a determined criminal might slip. They can monitor your home 24/7 for intruders. They can alert the authorities if any intruders do break into your home. Sometimes professional services are just better, and in the case of home security, it is most likely worth it to look into them.