A DIY Wireless Home Security System is Your Best Defense

If you live in a home, then you need at least a DIY wireless home security system. Any criminal brazen enough to break into your home is dangerous, and home break-ins are more common than you imagine. Millions of burglaries occur every year in the United States, with cumulative billions of dollars lost to those burglaries. Property crime is rampant.home-security-78751430 In Austin, TX; over 44,600 property crimes occur annually. That is over 53 crimes per 1,000 people, every year. That means that nearly 1 in 18 people living in Austin will experience a property crime every year. If you think that crime cannot touch you, then you are unfortunately laboring under a false sense of security. There are ways to enhance the amount of actual security you have, though.

Do It Yourself- Live Safer

DIY wireless home security systems have never been easier to find, purchase, or install. One of the most effective and simple forms of wireless home security is a burglary alarm system. Burglar trying to pry open window on house 78461254The idea is to form a net of sensors or detectors that will detect a break-in and sound an alarm. Most criminals will run away at the sound of an alarm, because they don’t want to be caught. If you are home when the break-in happens, it will also allow you to call the police and to get to a safe place until they arrive at your house to clear the scene. A wise parent will have an alarm system in place and will have taught his or her children a contingency plan in case the alarms ever go off.

Burglar alarms are surprisingly simple. The most basic, most common kind of alarm that can be placed on doors and windows is a closed-circuit magnetic sensor. Such an alarm has three components. One component is affixed to the door, and another is affixed to the frame opposite the door. These two components have magnets in them that, when pulled apart from one another, set off an alarm component to signal that the door has been breached. Such DIY alarms can be relatively inexpensive and take no more than a good five minutes to install if you have a power drill. Don’t worry-the alarm can be armed and disarmed, so it won’t go off every time you leave the house.

Infrared motion sensor 466282673These alarms can be affixed to windows as well, and to sliding glass doors. They will sound the alarm if the window or door is opened; however, they will not sound if the glass is simply broken and entry is gained that way. The best way to safeguard against this is to install additional alarms that can detect entry by these means. There are a couple of ways to do this, and they are a bit more complicated than closed-circuit magnetic sensors. Two of them are that you can install sensors that detect the sound of glass breaking, or you can install sensors that run through the screens on your windows and sliding glass door. Both can detect entry through these portals by means other than simply opening the door or window.

In summary, there are alarms that you can use to make sure that no bad guys get into your home undetected. Remember, though, that with something as important as home security, you will always get the best results and the best peace of mind by using a professional home security service.