DIY Home Security Starts with the Basics

DIY home secHouse of paper in hand 186320358urity is something that anyone on any budget can do. You don’t need to be super rich or extraordinarily handy to set up a home security system that will keep out some of the crooks who might try to get into your house to take what’s not theirs. We’ll explain some basics you can start with.

Physical Security- Lock Your Doors

The first law of home security is to lock your doors. There are petty thieves who will try your door just to see if they can sneak in, steal something, and leave. Door locks will keep out the least determined but most common of thieves. Since locks really can be picked (no, it’s not just a Hollywood thing), you should install deadbolts in every door, too. A deadbolt is essentially a bar of metal that goes from the door to the frame of the door or to the floor. The only way to really open a door with a  good deadbolt on it is to break down the door—because of this, we recommend installing yohero-147261693ur deadbolts in such a way that they slide into the floor rather than into the door frame. You will have to bore a hole in the floor to do so, so if that sounds too complicated, go ahead and stick with the deadbolt to the door frame. Either solution will help to make sure that criminals can’t use the door as an easy entry into the house.

This will help to make sure that doors can’t be used to get into the house, but determined thieves can get in by other means as well. Windows are just as accessible as doors and are often neglected as sources of entry to be protected. Many windows come with locks designed to keep the windows closed if little kids try to open them or someone undetermined tries to get in from outside, but such locks are frequently inadequate to keep real criminals out. Locks exist that you can install on your windows so that they are secured as well as your doors. You can deadbolt sliding glass doors as well, and putting a pole or broomstick handle down in the track they run in is a common physical obstruction that keeps the door from being opened without very violent force.

Having locks on doors and windows, a great many criminals will be turned away who would otherwise probably help themselves to your home. But there is still the problem of the glass itself. Glass, as you know, cfile0002120643841an be broken. A hammer can make quick work of a window or a sliding glass door, and all it takes for a thief to be in and out of a house with some of your most valuable property is about 60 seconds. This is where alarm systems become a more vital part of a comprehensive home security system, and where professional home security services trump any sort of DIY home security. It is a common misconception that professional security services with 24/7 monitoring are the domain of earls and CEOs, not of the plebian masses. But that’s no longer true. Many such services are available at affordable rates, and it’s frankly worth it when safety is the issue at hand.